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Why Should You Consider Investing in Cambodia Properties?

Image showing where Cambodia location is
Image showing where Cambodia location is

Cambodia is a nation that is quickly developing and coming out of its dark days. In the last couple of years, it has displayed tremendous progress in the growth of its economy getting recognition as one of the frontiers in South East Asia region.

Many investors are attracted to the Cambodia market, due to its drastic improvements in different sectors, looking into making a pot of gold out of the country. Both local and foreign investors are quickly coming to terms with the new massive developments happening in the country.

Developments in both commercial and residential properties are rising quickly with its citizens getting a chance to invest in these exquisite expansions. Today, Cambodia is at the forefront allowing foreigners to own properties in this fast expanding economy. Singapore residents should take advantage of the opportunity without giving it a second thought.

The Bridge Retail Mall, Popular Properties among Singaporean
The Bridge Retail Mall, Popular Properties among Singaporean

Why Should Singaporeans Invest in Cambodia Properties?

With the market wide open, Singaporeans who are interested in investing in the real-estate sector are at a good place to invest now. Cambodia is witnessing:

  • High GDP Growth: Cambodia’s GDP growth rate is 8% at its average in the last ten years. It means that it is the highest in the East Asia beating even Singapore as well.
  • Property Price is Low: Though the GDP is drastically growing every year, the property price remains lower than any in the neighboring countries. Singapore has high prices for the new condos coming up today. Cambodia offers condos at almost half prices.
  • Rising Productivity: With many investors investing in the property market, Cambodia is experiencing a high increase in its productivity every year. You don’t want to be left out of its growth.
  • Prime Location: Cambodia is primarily located in the fastest growing region of the world, between India and China. It is also a country between Thailand and Vietnam that have developed economies thus enabling spill over economic wise. Cambodia also allows access to the maritime trade due to its location along the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Unwavering Politics: Cambodia politics have remained very stable for a long time with its prime minister holding power since 1985. Several other ministers have also been at their places for a long time. That said, Cambodia has a stable government that works in favour of its people.
  • Inexpensive Workforce: Young people are Cambodia’s valuable that provides a cheap workforce. They are the highest percentage of willing and trainable workforce in the entire Asia. The literacy levels are also rising to 75% equipping the nation with a reliable workforce.
  • Low Costs in Internet and Telecommunication: There is such an upcoming high competition in mobile and internet sectors that users see the prices slashed. The new hydropower and coal-fired power that are under construction will see such cost reduction in the energy sector. When energy costs are reduced, you surely can make a huge profit with your business.
  • Auspicious Investment Climate: The Cambodia government is allowing 100% foreign ownership except only in the land thus attracting investment inducements. There is no capital gain tax making it favorable to new investors.
  • Improved Transport Infrastructure: There is a major upgrade happening in Cambodia that cannot be ignored. The road and rail infrastructure are expanding, and public transportation is becoming more efficient.
  • All the roads and bridges that link with neighboring countries are being renovated.
  • The railroad system has also been rehabilitated.
  • Three international airports have been opened.
  • Container sea port in Sihanoukville is expanded and modernized.
  • River Port is in the relocation and enlargement process
  • Vietnam’s new deep sea port is being developed.
  • Trade Integration Increase: With cheap labor, cheap energy, and good infrastructure Cambodia also offers duty-free services to many advanced countries allowing them to benefit from the regional trade by being a member of ASEAN.
  • Unexploited Land and Natural Resources: Cambodia is just coming alive, and most of its resources are still unexploited. There is such high potential for investors in the production and processing of agricultural commodities due to vast fertile land. Livestock farming and aquaculture have great potential too in the meat production. Plenty of mineral deposits are untapped as well as off-shore gas and oil reserves. Cambodia also has a world class tourism sites that have seen very few tourists visit. All these and more are available for both local and foreign investment.
  • Growing Domestic Consumer Market: With about 61% being Cambodia’s youths, there is a rising domestic demand that an investor should take advantage of. With urbanization, household formation, and workforce involvement, there is going to be a robust growth in less than a decade from now.
  • Cambodia’s Un-Leveraged Financial Market: It offers low levels of corporate and consumer debt that are capitalized by conventional banking systems. Surprisingly, in today’s world Cambodia remains one of the few countries where the government neither subsidies nor bailout.
  • First Mover’s Advantage: With Cambodia being the last growing investment market in the region, you will only benefit if you make a quick move into this country. The rest of the area surrounding Cambodia is already spilling over, and prices are soaring high. Due to the growing interest of investors worldwide in Cambodia, it may soon become expensive.

To Buy or Not For Properties In Cambodia?

Cambodia is the place to be for such a time as its strong economy growth is promising enough to see a high capital return that is untaxed. Investing in the Cambodia property market today is the best decision you will ever make as the country is still young and unexploited. With so many big names like Naga World Hotel and Casino – from Hong Kong, Sofitel – from France, AEON Mall – from Japan already venturing in Cambodia, you don’t want to miss out on the big share of the finest economy.

Within a couple of years from now, this story will not be the same. Prices may go double, and opportunities will lessen. Grab your share today and tell the good news to the upcoming generations!

Why Should You Consider Investing in Cambodia Properties?

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